Eliminate the desire for sex and you will eliminate the pain that will surely follow. Break free from the cycle of death and rebirth and find eternal youth and longevity.The Ambrosian! way is how to accomplish this goal.

Living the Ambrosian! lifestyle

Welcome to the home of the Ambrosian! way to achieving youth and longevity. What is the Ambrosian! lifestyle and what benefits are there to living it you must be asking yourself. If you are someone who is health conscious, this lifestyle is for you. Ambrosian! is about making the right lifestyle choices to help you achieve a supreme level of strength, health, youth, and wisdom. Sound interesting to you? It’s the healthier way to live.

For those of you seeking the truth, living this lifestyle and keeping your virginity will lead you there. This website contains some of the most important information you will ever read. Just how important it is to you depends on what you want from life, and what you think you can get from it. If you have the will to find, the desire to seek the truth, and don’t feel the need to conform, then continue on.

Re-printed by Miss Daphne

Written by “Dave” for the website, 1999


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