Maintaining the Ambrosian! lifestyle is demanding, especially the way the world around you tries to pull you down. Pursuing this alone will be most difficult but you may find it necessary for a while. Sometimes it is better depending on what stage you are at. You will not likely find many people around you (if any at all) who feel the need for this. Do not let that discourage you. Be a leader and not a follower. If the people around you try to convince you to abandon your pursuit, you should take a step back and seriously consider if they are good for you to be around. Do not publicize it. You can pursue this on your own without telling anyone, but only tell the very closest people whom you have the most trust in. The fact is you might get treated poorly by some people who just can’t understand. Also, be very selective with what forms of electronic and print media you consume. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean you have to pay much attention to them. These will slowly wear your mind down and make it weak. Does this sound boring to you? The alternative in the long run is worse.

Keeping your virginity is not a condition of weakness, but when combined with physical fitness and knowledge the condition of the supreme level of health and strength you can possibly be in. The pressures around you try to tell you otherwise. I know what you are saying to yourself: “Who wants to go through life without experiencing sex with someone you love?” That is exactly what you have been conditioned to think. You have to get beyond this. It is the hardest and most important part. The main battle is to keep yourself focused and stay in the right direction. Set goals for yourself both big and small, and keep yourself occupied. If you have the faith and desire to reach paradise, you have to dig deep inside yourself to find the strength to get you through to the reward. 

If you happen to find love along the way, there is no need to shun it away as long as it is real love. It’s a part of human nature to want to love and be loved. Be sure this is someone who is willing to live like you. You can find out if this persons’ love is real by telling them of your condition and your desire to stay that way. If they accept it and still want to be with you then they may be a true love of yours. Just don’t cross that line, because if you do there is no coming back! You really should wait until you have achieved the higher levels of Ambrosian! before you get involved. Otherwise, the forces might be too strong for you to resist. You have to reach the point where you can accept that you will not go all the way with someone. Once you achieve these higher levels you will not want to give up your virginity because you will know what it means for you!

This is a constant struggle to deal with all the distractions you will encounter. You have to be able to see the bigger picture and think about the future. It will take you time, many years, for you to begin to fully understand and appreciate what it can mean. But it is worth it! Things will not fully crystalize in your mind until you are into your 30’s. Once you ascend to a certain level it does become easier. As time goes by your mind will become more enlightened and your ability to comprehend increased. When you have reached the point where you no longer think about having sex, you are getting closer. Don’t worry or feel alone if you are the only one you know following this path. There are others but you need to realize it’s a journey you have to make yourself because it’s your responsibility to take control of your life.

Some make the argument if there wasn’t any sex, not I or anyone else would be here. Up until now that may be true but we now have the medical technology to procreate without sex. They also try to say if it was in some God’s plan not to have sex he wouldn’t have made it. There’s something you have to consider if you are one to believe in a God with a plan; it may very well be in this plan to get to a point in time where sex becomes obsolete. If you were born onto a world where the people didn’t have sex, you would have a very different mindset about it. Be a real rebel against the status quo because Ambrosian! is better. Anything else and you just fall in line and do what you’re expected to do. The human race is ready to reach the next level of evolution and Ambrosian! is what will get us there.

Re-printed by Miss Daphne

Written by “Dave” for the website, 1999

© 1999-Forever Ambrosian!


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