You need a good foundation to build upon. A strong and healthy body and mind will get you through the different stages you experience. You need to be physically active as much as you can. Train like you are an Olympic athlete (minus the steroids) to get yourself into top physical condition and work out regularly to stay there. Join a sports team and work out on a regular basis. This will be easier for some people but it will come in time so be patient. Find yourself a fitness and nutrition guide, get all dairy products out of your diet. I have to stress the utmost importance of your physical conditioning! It can’t be a passing fad. It’s hard work but it has to become a part of your lifestyle, a permanent way of life. This is how you cleanse your body of the impurities that build up inside. It also helps to strengthen your mind. Don’t let yourself get behind while pursuing financial gain. Don’t take it for granted you will stay youthful and healthy without much effort either. It is a constant battle and can be difficult at times, but it is necessary! What better way is there to show your love of life than to get your body into the best physical condition it can be in?

Education is also very important. Increasing your education level will help you to understand the changes you go through. Learn as much as you can about the world around you. Pursue what interests you. A formal college education is advisable but not a necessity. You could do just as well by reading a lot on your own, but pursuing a college degree will challenge you and give you a sense of accomplishment. Study the different cultures of the world. Compare and contrast different religions, beliefs, and philosophies. Read about history and study technology if it interests you. Education will make you feel good about yourself and give you a positive attitude and outlook.

Re-printed by Miss Daphne

Written by “Dave” for the website, 1999